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Microsoft SharePoint

More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint for intranets, document management, online collaboration to develop their online and offline capabilities. SharePoint is an extremely flexible platform that can be adapted to several organisations across multiple industries. It is a web-based collaboration and document management platform that is essentially used to store documents and transmit information across organizations. With SharePoint, users can create an intranet system that works like any other website in which subsites can be created for specific departments or teams. Users can use this secure platform to access, share, and edit documents.

OUR SharePoint Services

SharePoint Consultation

Our Windows SharePoint services include a comprehensive consultation service to help you maximize the output you can expect out of SharePoint.

SharePoint Development

With our SharePoint development services, we ensure that the platform is primed for the best use for your team for collaborating and engaging.

SharePoint Health Check

SharePoint application monitoring, discovering and maintenance is essential for running a healthy SharePoint environment. Our SharePoint Health Check service helps to protect your platform by making it compliant with the latest regulations.

SharePoint Branding

Our team at Veelead is aware that design and branding are the key elements in any SharePoint implementation. Our talented visual designers offer a complete visual SharePoint customization analysis framework.

SharePoint Web Parts

SharePoint web parts are server-side controls that run inside a web part page and with our services, we can help in building custom solutions and are available to work with to meet specific requirements.

SharePoint Migration

If you are looking to migrate data and applications from an on-premise system to the cloud, our SharePoint services will ensure that there is no data- or work-loss in the process.

SharePoint Workflow

The most important use of SharePoint is to create a seamless workflow within your team to expedite the overall output and with our services, we will ensure that your team is prepped for maximum efficiency.

SharePoint Content Management

We will optimize the content management portal to allow your team to collaborate on documents, presentations and other multimedia files on the cloud, making it securely accessible from anywhere.

SharePoint Portal

With our Microsoft SharePoint Services, we will optimize the central dashboard or portal with KPIs relevant to your business to help you make data-driven decisions.

Support and Maintenance

The support and maintenance service that comes under our list of SharePoint Managed services drastically reduces any downtime that your team might face in the middle of a critical project.

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why Veelead Solution?

Our Windows SharePoint services have elevated the collaborative measures set by employers to a whole new level. With our benchmarked SLAs and reliable support, you can rest assured that our SharePoint Managed Services are one of the best in the industry. In addition to this, our expert resources are always looking to use the latest tools and techniques to drive progressive solutions to tackle complex project requirements.

 Benefits of Our SharePoint Services

  • Interact with a consistent user experience
  • Simplify business data
  • Manage and reuse content
  • Stay on top of regulatory requirements
  • Simplify business-data access
  • Connect your employees with the right resources
  • Share sensitive information securely
  • Empower employees for better decision making
  • Provide an integrated platform for better collaboration
  • Customize the platform to reflect your brand’s identity

As authorized Microsoft channel partners, we at Veelead have successfully developed and deployed SharePoint solutions that have allowed companies to maximize the efficiency of their workforce. With our SharePoint demo, you can get a glimpse into a supercharged team that collaborates seamlessly. 

Know more about the scope of SharePoint for your business, try our SharePoint demo.


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