VeeLead team is aware that design and branding are the key elements in any SharePoint implementation. Our talented visual designers offer complete visual SharePoint customization analysis framework  and SharePoint branding services in the science of applying outstanding visual designs to SharePoint.


  • Device Channels: Compatibility with multiple mobile devices
  • Composed Looks: Pre-configured “themes” that are with modifiable font and color schemes
  • Catalogs: Build centrally-managed catalogs of products on a product website
  • Design Packages: Portable SharePoint branding services has capabilities to ensure branding continuity across multiple sites
  • Design Manager: Designing interface for custom designs; Create and edit designs using only HTML and CSS then upload that design into SharePoint
  • Governance Plan: Best practices governance of groups, teams, sites, projects and other SharePoint elements.

In the modern SharePoint Online experience, you can without much of a stretch change the look and feel of your webpage to coordinate your organization or hierarchical brand. You can redo the logo, colors and navigation – frequently without composing a solitary line of code. Branding can be connected at the site level, to a group of destinations, or to all locales inside your association.

Branding your SharePoint Online website won’t change the general look of your Office 365 administration for more data about branding Office 365, see Customize the Office 365 subject for your association.

sharepoint branding

Site branding in the classic experience

In the classic SharePoint experience, there are a lot of default topics that can require a lot of customization to get them to coordinate your association’s image. Likewise, they aren’t extremely responsive, making the experience on various gadgets conflicting. Most site branding requires the utilization of custom master pages or interchange CSS arrangements. Master pages give a lot of adaptability, yet they can be dangerous. For instance, whenever updates are made to SharePoint Online, any customizations made to the master page may never again work or may not work the way you anticipate that them should. SharePoint Online overlooks these customizations except if you’re running in classic experience mode since they’re incompatible with the modern UI. To stay away from this, utilization just the prescribed modern ways to deal with brand your SharePoint Online locales.

Modern Site Branding

SharePoint Online incorporates a refreshed arrangement of default website topics that are responsive and look incredible on any gadget. With site topics, you can modify your site’s logo and hues to coordinate your image. Site plans give explicit designs and other usefulness for your site. Extra branding can be accomplished utilizing custom subjects or webpage structures without agonizing over something breaking when SharePoint Online is refreshed. Custom subjects let you make extra shading plans past the defaults. Custom site plans let you control the site topic and different customizations like the site route, default applications, and different settings. Custom subjects or plans can be connected to another site when it’s made or connected to a current site or gathering of locales.

Branding Hub locales

When you brand a SharePoint Online hub website, you can set it, so the webpage branding is connected to any destinations that partner with it. This incorporates any site subject or site configuration utilized by the hub site. This enables you to apply regular route and branding over a lot of destinations and use highlight hues to accentuate components that need to stick out.


Our best Microsoft SharePoint consultants have designed and deployment vibrant, branded digital environment for clients who are as varied as of few hundred employees to the biggest names in the industry. We have experience in hi-level of user interface customization for out-of-box web parts and custom SharePoint web parts services.

We customize and brand SharePoint portal site connection to meet the organizational needs. We can assist you with all phases and all tasks of a SharePoint project ranging from business and technical design of SharePoint implementation best practices.

Veelead’s Microsoft SharePoint consulting services has a sound understanding of various style sheets, site templates, master pages and database entries that define the look and feel of a site. Our customization’s are based on the customer’s need and we offer competitive rates for the branding assignments.

We can convert your existing website design or get into a discussion for a complete designing project. We will also provide design previews of what the design will look like before any SharePoint Application development services starts. This allows the customer to focus on making decisions up front to save time and SharePoint development environment costs down the road.


  • Graphics optimization and user interface testing
  • Organization branding strategy alignment with SharePoint
  • SharePoint modern site branding Solutions and development for websites
  • Custom theme development to address branding objectives
  • Brand adaptive design development
  • Style sheets, templates, definitions implementation
  • Implementation method recommendations
  • Administrative control to site managers to control personalization policies