SharePoint Health Check

SharePoint application monitoring, discovering and maintenance is essential for running a healthy SharePoint environment since SharePoint is constantly changing every year. So, the last year’s best practice may not be an effective way of doing things. Our SharePoint Health Check service helps to protect your investment by reviewing the condition of your SharePoint farm. Our SharePoint health check experts look at your system from both technical and business points of view. We immediately report any urgent remedial actions needed and advise you on longer-range strategic improvements.

OUR SharePoint Health Check Services

SharePoint Farm Assessment

We assess the SharePoint farm to reveal performance issues caused by the deployment’s improper architecture or incorrect setup.

Check Load Issues

We analyze random SharePoint pages, register their load time, design, styles and reveal possible load issues.

Ensure Security

We evaluate the overall protection of your SharePoint solution and its parts to ensure the safety of your corporate data.

Custom Application Assessment

We will do a comprehensive analysis of the custom applications to reveal redundant complexities, errors and code mismatches.

Content Assessment

We define content that may affect the system’s performance using PowerShell scripts and provide you with tips on a careful restructuring of large document libraries.

User Experience Assessment

We analyze your existing SharePoint design and its impact on the solution as an end-user to evaluate their performance and add inputs to enhance it.

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why Veelead Solution?

Veelead has developed a proven health check methodology to assess your portal and identify the vulnerabilities that affect your business security, stability and performance. Our Sharepoint health monitoring service will help you avoid critical incidents by reviewing your SharePoint farm. Our team determines if the reliability, security, and performance your organization needs are being provided. At the end of our SharePoint health analysis and assessment, you will receive a detailed, and concise report that outlines the remedial steps required to fine-tune your SharePoint platform and ensure niggles and issues are ironed out.

 Benefits of Our SharePoint Health Check Solution

  • Check the current health status of your SharePoint farm
  • Get a report on Security, configuration and availability issues
  • Documentation of your existing SharePoint Architecture
  • Analyze the scope of work for a cloud migration
  • The analysis report of the overall state of custom applications
  • Help to reach your highest performance goals
  • Uncover potential risks before you affect
  • Reduce Support Costs 

The mission of our SharePoint Health Check Service is to help ensure that you get the most out of your SharePoint investments. If you are looking to improve your bottom line, increase productivity, or use SharePoint technologies to realize new business opportunities, our SharePoint health analyzers are ready to assist. From SharePoint health monitoring to strategic consulting, we offer a wide range of SharePoint services for any stage of your business. If you are interested, let us help you identify any possible future issues.


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