sharepoint migration servicesSharePoint Migration is complex and multi-layered activities with many different points of failure.

With careful and thorough planning and preparation, your current or legacy SharePoint environment can be transformed when you migrate into your new environment, helping you fully realize the value of your SharePoint investment.

VeeLeads’s team has a sound understanding of SharePoint object model 2013 and database schema that helps us extract data and migrate you to the latest version of SharePoint.

We can handle SharePoint migration Services can initiatives of any size, from both a “total user base” perspective as well as a “content database and sizing” perspective. Our SharePoint consultants will curtail the risk, time and effort required to consolidate, migrate and reorganize content.

We try to combat the basic approach towards SharePoint of it being a technical platform; we understand that it is a highly influential business platform that supports and works as a catalyst for efficient work process.

That’s why our team re-evaluates your organization’s overall SharePoint environment to ensure its technical efficiency and that your organization gets the maximum benefit of SharePoint migration.

SharePoint experts carry out SharePoint Online migration according to the following steps:

Assessment of the existing SharePoint environment to explore SharePoint’s architecture, our SharePoint migration services gives best audit of SharePoint sites and define the certain migration model. Analyzing current SharePoint site and SharePoint and solutions, including site collections, what is sites? Sites referred in terms of their purposes and structure, permission management model, complexity of site customization and many more.

Inspecting the content across each SharePoint solution, to define the critical site content that is given as number-one priority while doing SharePoint migrating, or the one that is outdated, bulky or unpopular.

Outlining a brief SharePoint migration plan with precise SharePoint migration activities and their sequence.

The Migration in line with plan. As a part of this SharePoint Migration stage, we also reset SharePoint workflows, reorganize and rearrange content, restructure sites and site collections, fix or recode for best customizations, Veelead provides custom SharePoint branding and more.

Next is to test of the new SharePoint environment to control functional equivalency, site performance and site security issues.

SharePoint Consulting assistance is to guide SharePoint administrators to outline the management requirements that relevant to a new SharePoint deployment, and SharePoint training sessions and SharePoint support provided for the end-users.

Post- SharePoint migration service and support to assist the organization in fixing technical issues to avoid and to overcome user adoption errors and pitfalls.

SharePoint Migration Services for Business Continuity

SharePoint MigrationVeelead is well known for best SharePoint practices, our SharePoint experts sees their mission in prioritizing the business integrity process, SharePoint migration services team is to reduce the SharePoint migration risks to build up an awesome working environment. During the SharePoint migration, we put our best efforts on.

  1. Elaborating a SharePoint server migration plan and Uninterrupted working processes
  2. Moving critical site content in the minimum time frames without disturbing the business processes.
  3. Keeping the site content safe and SharePoint online migration solutions.
  4. Delivering new features
  5. Delivering new features that will help organization to handle business process with lesser efforts.
  6. Optimizing SharePoint solution architecture and minimizing the maintenance and support costs of the business operations.
  7. Strengthening user SharePoint adoption

Get to know the SharePoint Migration tool limitations and its extensible features. Microsoft’s new SharePoint Migration tool uses the API to quickly upload bulky files to Office 365 and minimize the amount of time consumed and spent during your migration.

Steps for SharePoint migration tool download

Download current Release: SharePoint Migration Tool -> Click Install -> Click Yes to allow this app.

once download completed and installing the SharePoint Migration Tool. Get SharePoint Migration and SharePoint support from Veelead.

Features Of SharePoint Content Migration

  • Extensible Security Trimming
  • Source SharePoint Content Pre-scan
  • Top Migration Plans with customization
  • Incremental or full SharePoint Migration
  • Both SharePoint Online Or Offline Migration
  • Data Synchronization With customized and scheduled migration
  • Data loss prevention

Get a complete solution and guide to migrate SharePoint content and manage using a single best unified platform. Ensure smooth post-migration management with detailed analysis, reporting and administrative actions.


  • Identify migration bottlenecks before they become an issue
  • Fix large site collections, out of date sites or content, checked out files, and other hazards
  • Analyze impact and develop migration plan for custom web parts, site templates and workflows
  • Clean up SharePoint by identifying and removing unused sites, content, users or groups.
  • Streamline permissions to improve security and reduce risk of data leaks.
  • Fast and Flexible Migration to SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 in a single hop from SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007, or SharePoint 2003.
  • Organize sites, content and permissions

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