VeeLead’s consultants help their clients to foster higher value relationships with employees, partners, and customers through innovative SharePoint portal solutions.

Our professional team of SharePoint experts uses industry best practices to ensure our SharePoint solutions meet your enterprise portal needs

SharePoint Portal

SharePoint features are modified to fit different organizational contexts as its main focus is on business goals of our customers, A huge range of challenges are addressed where you can develop customize, test and support on-premises, cloud and hybrid SharePoint intranets and extranets.

Microsoft SharePoint Internal Portal

A custom SharePoint intranet is created to enable enterprise-wide collaboration and supports internal business processes. The main goal is to keep a balance between SharePoint features that enable working activities and those that substitute social life. Wide varieties of tools are provided to make work life easier and save time.

Microsoft SharePoint HR portal

Microsoft SharePoint HR portal helps in simplifying recruiting and onboarding, managing and evaluating employees etc. This portal displays as a centralized storage for all documents related to HR. It also includes game features such as badges, leaderboards etc., to encourage the employees.

Microsoft SharePoint B2B portal

Microsoft SharePoint B2B portal is a secured portal, which protects multilateral collaboration, and this earns trust of their vendors and business partners. It is connected on a single communication platform internally as well as externally and allows the user to connect on various types of content.

Microsoft SharePoint customer portal

Microsoft SharePoint customer portal helps both large and medium sized organizations. It is developed out of the box and custom features, it also helps in customizing, personalize B2C communication, and earns the trust of customers.

Microsoft SharePoint learning portal

To make your learning process easy, Microsoft SharePoint learning portal is developed and it simplifies the internal and external learning process. It has learning materials and training sessions for the users to enhance their skills. You can also implement personalized training programs to your employees.

Microsoft SharePoint community portal

Depending on individual interest an internal and external communities is created, which supports content management, power users’ communications and make sure the users are occupied on a platform.
Microsoft SharePoint Portals with Industry Match

Below are developed domains:

  1. Banking and Financial Services
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Healthcare
  4. Retail
  5. Logistics
  6. Oil & Gas
  7. Public sector

Vital Components of SharePoint Portals

There are four major Vital components of SharePoint Portal, they are as follows

  1. User convenience
  2. Solid Integration
  3. Flawless Performance
  4. Secure self-service & collaboration

User convenience: The focus is mainly on the users’ productivity and comfortable collaboration, thus we tend to produce user-friendly, fascinating portals, which helps to users to give vast knowledge on various devices.
Flawless performance: Users should experience error-free performance during various tasks. This is achieved by testing the portal with all functionality requirement and business needs.

Solid integration: This is carried out with ERP, CRM and it is made sure all advanced enterprise platforms are integrated to the portal such as MS Dynamics CRM, MS Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, OpenText, etc.,.
Secure self-service & collaboration: Security is the major and important part to earn trust from customers. We have authentication functionality in order to work securely; also, Microsoft enabled security controls and data leak prevention features to reduce data losses.

SharePoint Portal Services

Below are the SharePoint portal services kits

  1. SharePoint Consulting
  2. SharePoint Development & Customization
  3. Integration with third-party solutions
  4. SharePoint Migration
  5. SharePoint Support & Maintenance after a product launch


SharePoint portal Services

Dashboards &Reporting: Make better business decisions with insightful and targeted performance reports and dashboards.

Enterprise Search: Look for content beyond query

Extranet Portals: Collaborate and engage with your customers, business partners through SharePoint extranet portals for better relationship management

SharePoint Intranet Portals: Maintain a information and workflow hub of the whole enterprise.

Social Intranets: Include social capabilities into your SharePoint intranet

User Experience & SharePoint Branding: Enhance user experience and align business communication for your target audience.

VeeLead has competencies in developing solutions using Microsoft SharePoint Platform and associated technologies. We will work with your team to determine the best core platforms to meet your specific business needs, and then help to design, configure and implement your solution.


Strategic Consulting and Value Proposition

We provide technology assessment and SharePoint deployment feasibility tests to address your business objectives of content &document management and work collaboration. Our services for SharePoint Foundation 2010/2013 or SharePoint server 2010/2013 would be based on these tests.

Portal Development Initiation

SharePoint for Intranet Portal

Post assessment of SharePoint implementation requirements we propose a cost effective and powerful business solution.

Portal Prototyping or Proof of Concept

We quickly come up with a prototype implementation of the SharePoint Portal Server. Drawing on the experiences gained from early prototyping we avoid unnecessary expenditures during the actual project implementation.

Tools and Methodologies

With proven expertise in using SharePoint server SDK and Windows SharePoint Services SDK, we move faster during the development and implementation phase. If you are looking to create a digital workspace that empowers your business and your people, get in touch with our SharePoint experts.