microsoft consulting servicesOver time, a SharePoint environment often requires minor but on-going tweaks for the best optimized output. A regular maintenance is essential for continued smooth operation of the overall SharePoint environment.

Veelead SharePoint Support and Maintenance Services can help you review and track SharePoint issues.Our Microsoft consulting Services and SharePoint Support provides you with information on the professional services

VeeLead has advantage of the years of experience in SharePoint Maintenance, SharePoint Guide and Support Services engagement; they can achieve fast and successful resolution for any problem. With us, you can get SharePoint expert advice in maximizing the performance of your organization’s IT infrastructure and realize the full potential of your SharePoint software solution.

SharePoint Support Services

SharePoint keeps its customers satisfied.  Its performance at the top by offering support and maintenance services by the SharePoint team of Microsoft Certified Professionals. SharePoint also has a service kit for all versions of SharePoint Online, On-Premises, and hybrid.

Technical SharePoint Support

Veelead always actions functional issues in SharePoint by finding the root cause and restore its performance, which keeps the business uninterrupted and makes the users satisfied. Our team offers SharePoint online technical support.

Our support services include:

  • coding errors are fixed
  • Actioning Architecture and Hardware issues (includes incorrectly designed farms, mis-distributed server roles, misconfigured or overloaded servers, etc.)
  • Resolving misconfigured features & Apps (correcting workflows, incompatible add-ins, etc.)
  • Fixing user authentication issues & Resetting users’ permissions
  • Addressing content management issues (content crawling & indexing, content creation & sharing issues, etc.)
  • Fixing other performance issues, such as low page response time, unavailable SharePoint sites, integration issues, etc.

SharePoint Maintenance

Organization having no dedicated human resources to action their SharePoint Solutions, Veelead gives SharePoint maintenance to those organizations.
Below are the points on which the team of SharePoint consultants /developers /administrators will help you with:

  • Update the system regularly
  • Security maintenance by performing Security audits with the installation of security patches
  • Merging SharePoint solutions with other systems such as CRM, ERP, HRM, LMS, etc.
  • To make your SharePoint more fascinating, you can use new custom features

We also provide SharePoint Health Check Service, which takes care of the SharePoint environment, monitors existing performance and security gaps and the same is fixed on time.

SharePoint Consulting Support

SharePoint Consulting support is another maintenance support provided to the customers to fix complex issues by in-house specialists. The team will analyze a particular challenge and fix the issue.

User Training Assistance

User Training Assistance is provided by Veelead to understand the platform and adopt it easily. Below are the training sessions provided:

  • SharePoint administrators
  • SharePoint developers
  • End-users

Benefits of SharePoint Maintenance

Below are the services provided to achieve Veelead guarantees:

  • 24/7 round the clock service
  • Fixing of SharePoint issues in 8 hours for business
  • A SharePoint team of Microsoft Certified SharePoint experts, which includes SharePoint administrators, developers, architects, consultants, Windows, and MS SQL Server administrators
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Confidentiality and Security of SharePoint Support and Maintenance.

Get Started with our Microsoft Consulting Services

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User SharePoint Training Support

Veelead gives SharePoint training help to give associations a chance to comprehend the stage, receive it effectively, just as oversee and use SharePoint solutions with ease. We offer committed SharePoint training sessions for:

  • SharePoint Administrators Training
  • SharePoint Development and Design Support
  • End-clients Training and Support


microsoft sharepoint consulting services

  • Supporting existing intranet
  • Supporting internet SharePoint websites
  • Monitoring SharePoint servers
  • Supervising the condition of the servers
  • Regular backup
  • Release management
  • Service level contracts

If you are looking to create a digital workspace that empowers your business and your people, get in touch with our SharePoint experts.
You can also sign up for a Free SharePoint Health Check for monitoring of your SharePoint Sites.