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Microsoft 365 Policy Management System

Policy management is important to the overall compliance and is required to address regulatory, business/human resource risks. Your team can automate the policy administration process using Microsoft 365, all while staying within your existing SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Microsoft 365 and related add-ins enable the design of rule-based processes to route policies to the right people, including those who must review and approve new policies or contracts. Furthermore, Microsoft 365’s cloud environment enables seamless integration of your company’s procedures across all departments. If your company is looking to implement a cloud-based policy management software solution and already uses Microsoft 365, you can start designing policy management software that is tailored to your company’s needs without having to pay for extra licenses.

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Technologies We Use

SharePoint Online

Microsoft Teams

Power Automate

Power Apps

SharePoint Online

SharePoint is a centralized platform that allows employees to exchange and collaborate on company-related information. Choosing SharePoint for policy management will allow your organization to stay compliant, while gaining the benefits of unique and powerful policy management features not available with SharePoint Online alone. SharePoint will be a powerful tool for managing policies and ensuring that your employees easily discover and access them.

Microsoft Teams

Employee policies should be disseminated through a central policy library that can be accessible via a central channel that every employee can easily access, such as Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams act as a simple solution for your employees in which the policies can be searched for and appear as cards. Our cloud-based policy management system  allows you to provide access to your policies within Microsoft Teams channels.

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a component of the Power Platform, which enables business users to build applications that improve business processes with no code or very little code. Get all of the information you need on one screen, making your policy management and distribution process more productive and efficient. Power Apps helps our Microsoft 365 Policy management system connect to different data sources and online services.

Power Automate

By leveraging the power of automation, your team can efficiently track statuses of policies, including employees’ progress on acknowledging these policies and receiving the proper training. Automate the distribution of mandatory policies and their tracking. Microsoft Power Automate helps your business to automate the process of recording who has read which policies and when with analytics, dashboards and audit trails to meet any compliance needs.

Why Microsoft 365 Policy Management System?

Using the automated policy management system helps many organizations move away from inefficient and outdated manual processes and automate policy and procedure management. There are a few things to think about before you start looking for the ideal software app for your company. One of these factors is the deployment of policy management software. Current Microsoft 365 customers can take advantage of their existing SharePoint Online services and choose a solution that connects with technologies they’re already familiar with.

Manual policy management platforms have the disadvantage of putting a lot of pressure on policy management teams to keep their databases up to date so that only the right people have access to certain documents. The Microsoft 365 policy and procedure management system allows you to create rule-based processes to route policies to the people who need to review and approve new policies or contracts. Furthermore, Microsoft 365’s online environment enables seamless integration of your company’s procedures across all departments.

SharePoint Policy Management

Our Microsoft 365 policy management system creates a central location where everyone in the organisation can find the most up-to-date policies and procedures. Content can be tailored for certain groups, regions, and languages, allowing it to scale globally. With mobile choices, it supports remote and on-the-go employees. This solution aids in the creation of an auditable database of records that includes automated policy alignment and stakeholder attestation. Check who has viewed a specific document. To ensure that the policies were comprehended, create reading comprehension assessments.

Our Microsoft 365 Policy Management system is a SharePoint-based solution to the day-to-day challenges of policy management. Add-Ins enable your business to centralise, manage, and communicate policies and procedures by leveraging the dynamic features of Microsoft SharePoint, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Microsoft Teams. Our intuitive platform, built with Power Apps, is highly configurable to meet a wide range of business demands, making it suited for almost any industry.

SharePoint allows you to create, publish, and distribute policies that are represented by a variety of content types, including as images, video, and audio files. If you’re using Microsoft 365, you’re probably using collaboration tools like Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint team sites. Because a SharePoint-based policy library and the rest of the Microsoft 365 platform are so well integrated, it’s simple to embed and share essential policies from the library in spaces where day-to-day work takes place. Automated workflows allow a newly established policy to be routed for approval and enable users to receive automated notifications regarding policy changes. When you use SharePoint for policy management, you can track usage and collect data on different policies, such as how many times they’ve been viewed or when they were last changed. By Power BI integration you can create reports and track critical data such as whether a mandatory document is being read and by whom.

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Benefits of Our Microsoft 365 Policy Management System 

  • Centralized location for easy-to-find policies and procedures
  • Sync to Microsoft 365 login credentials and enable single sign-in
  • Automated policy workflow notifications and reminders
  • Centralized document storage where anybody can easily find policies
  • Create custom policy discussion board
  • Real-time overview of the policy and procedure statuses
  • Track version history & ensure everybody working on latest version
  • Advanced and powerful search option with keyword or meta data
  • Restrict policy documents with role-based access
  • Easy to revise and automated notifications to renew
  • Customized workflows to draft, revise and renew policies
  • Co-authoring, several people can work on a policy simultaneously
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