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Microsoft Sharepoint Project Management System

There are many basic to advanced project management tools available in the market. However, a complicated technology isn’t necessary for many firms, and it makes project management more challenging. Microsoft SharePoint for project management is a top-of-the-line technology that may help you reach new heights in project management. Continue reading to find out how SharePoint technology can improve your project management team and your company.

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Technologies We Use

SharePoint Online

Microsoft Teams

Power Automate

Power Apps

SharePoint Online

Our Microsoft 365 Project Management System is fully integrated with SharePoint that can be easily scaled from small businesses to large enterprises. Its user-friendly employee self-service dashboard provides a simple interface for applying and viewing the status of project updates and deadlines. SharePoint reporting allows you to keep up-to-date and accurate project status reports. SharePoint provides a number of reporting options that provide real-time information to your team members.

Power Automate

Automated approval process on Microsoft 365 project management system can be achieved with Power Automate implementation which would be beneficial for efficient tracking deadlines and project reporting.

Power Apps

Our unique SharePoint Project management system includes Power Apps that integrates with existing Microsoft 365 data sources including SharePoint Online, and Dynamics 365. Get all of the information you need on one screen, making your administrative activities more productive and efficient.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams now has a complete solution for all project-related queries and thanks to SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate. All projects can be updated on a real-time basis. Microsoft Teams is being used to connect with team members and plan frequent project meetings.

Why Microsoft 365 Project Management System?

Integrated Task Dashboard: You’ll see that SharePoint has a built-in task dashboard after you combine it with your Microsoft applications. The dashboard displays critical and selected tasks, as well as individual task statuses, in a standard user interface. You have a variety of options for reviewing how your projects are progressing, allowing you to quickly identify areas that need attention. It’s also already set up and ready to use. As a result, your project teams will be able to begin working on assignments right once.

Collect information from many project sites: By merging and organizing content from several project sites into a single accessible and efficient structure, the SharePoint project management tool optimizes workflow across all teams and levels. Rather than visiting a specific project location, team members can search for anything they need for regular job activities. They may also track the progress of teams and collaborators working on the same tasks, as well as see if the entire project is on track.

Templates that have already been created: SharePoint allows businesses to customise pre-made templates for their projects. They’re simple to incorporate into a project website. Project teams have more flexibility to work with because of the increased uniformity, and they can manage the groundwork for future migration or development project management solutions. Setting up project templates is simple, and it allows for essential business insights such as grouping and categorizing project activity.

Control and security: SharePoint offers a number of security features, including permissions and encryption, to help you manage who has access to and edits project data. If your company already uses SharePoint, you may easily add templates to your existing systems without incurring additional IT costs.

More clarity with project reports: A SharePoint project site consolidates all reports, papers, and information into a single location. This one source of project truth can help you find answers to all of your project-related queries.

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Benefits of Our Microsoft 365 Project Management System 

  • Securely manage data and information using permissions and version control
  • Workflows can be used to automate processes
  • Boost cooperation with features like social sharing, forums, and wikis
  • Enhance business data accessibility
  • Document management and storage
  • Create intranets as well as external websites


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