Develop an easy-to-use purchase order management system
with Microsoft 365 applications

Microsoft 365 Purchase Order Management System

Streamline your Purchase Request Processes With Microsoft 365 Purchase Order Management. Easily replace paper purchase orders, inefficient request/voucher systems, whether paper forms, InfoPath, or other legacy tools. Greatly improve speed and accountability. Easily track requests from desktop or mobile devices with our Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Purchase Order System. Engineers at Veelead Solutions developed an application with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Power Platform that enables easy generation and management of purchase orders without the need for any individual Microsoft 365 License.

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Why Choose Veelead For Your Microsoft 365 Purchase Order Management System?

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Technologies We Use

SharePoint Online

Microsoft Teams

Power Automate

Power Apps

SharePoint Online

Our Microsoft 365 Purchase Order Management System is fully integrated with SharePoint that can be easily scaled from small businesses to large enterprises. Its user-friendly employee self-service dashboard provides a simple interface for applying and viewing the status of order requests. The order tracking in the SharePoint purchase order management system makes it simple to manage orders efficiently and handle workflows.

Power Automate

Save time and eliminate mistakes with automatic task assignments, email reminders and change notifications on Microsoft 365 purchase order management system which can be achieved with Power Automate implementation. When an order is received, Power Automate initiates an automated request to the management, followed by a message of their response.

Power Apps

Our unique purchase order management system includes Power Apps that integrate with existing Microsoft 365 data sources including SharePoint Online, and Dynamics 365. Get all of the purchase order information and order histories all on one easy-to-navigate, fully customizable dashboard, making your administrative activities more productive and efficient.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams now has a complete solution for all purchase-related queries and thanks to SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate. All orders can be immediately tracked directly using self-services.

Why Microsoft 365 Purchase Order Management System?

If you want to manage the purchasing process efficiently while keeping track of your finances, you’ll need a purchase order system. A good purchase order system may save you time, help you plan and budget, control overages, decrease errors, and keep track of your progress. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you can improve response and decision-making time while empowering your employees and the organization with electronic purchase orders approvals. There are various out-of-the-box purchase order systems for SharePoint and Microsoft 365 on the market, and they are not all made equal; some are versatile, while others are limited.

Microsoft 365 Purchase Order Management System

Management of Purchase Orders: Keep track of expenditures and accounts due. Using constantly updated inventory levels, you can cut inventory expenses and improve customer service. Automated workflows allow you to keep track of and control your purchasing process, while internal controls such as approvals can help you avoid making unnecessary or fraudulent purchases.

Automate Repetitive Tasks: Automate tasks for vendors to keep track of your agreements on discounts, prices, and payment methods. Vendor management allows you to keep track of and manage vendor credit terms and pricing, as well as convenient to access agreements about discounts, prices, and payment methods in order to increase profitability.

Vendor Item Catalog: Using vendor numbers connected to your company’s internal numbers, precisely identify ordered items. Access and save universal product codes, as well as quickly cross-reference information (UPCs). Reduce data duplication by limiting the item list to internal numbers and linking multiple vendor numbers to your own internal item catalogue with the Vendor Item Catalog.

Item Cross Reference: This functionality allows you to identify which items a customer is ordering based on numbers other than your own. Customer, vendor, and manufacturer information, as well as generic numbers, should all be cross-referenced.

Purchase Invoicing: Create purchase invoices or purchase orders to track accounts payable and record the cost of purchases. Through constantly updated inventory levels, this feature will allow you to reduce inventory costs and deliver better customer service; also, recorded purchases will immediately contribute to profit statistics and other financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on your Home page.

Purchase Pricing and Discounts: Keep note of the discounts, prices, and payment methods you’ve agreed to with vendors. Manage various item purchase costs based on characteristics like minimum quantity, unit of measure, and currency that you’ve negotiated with individual vendors.

Already have Microsoft 365 license? Then create your purchase order management system at zero license cost

Benefits of Our Microsoft 365 Purchase Order Management System 

  • Send Purchase Order through email to suppliers
  • Purchaser can gain an overview of all the orders
  • Reject or approve any purchase order with one click
  • Real-time updates to keep everyone updated at all times
  • Flexibility to integrate with external systems
  • Enhance process efficiency
  • Improve document management
  • Save time in creating purchase requisition and save costs on licenses
  • Reduce manual processing and the chance of errors
  • Accelerate purchase order approvals
  • Streamline order and stock management
  • Improve the vendor-buyer relationship
  • Offer spend visibility and improve decision making
  • Prevent procurement fraud
  • Monitor the progress by generating interactive dashboards
  • Customize the purchase order system according to your needs


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