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Microsoft 365 Timesheet Management System

The timesheet management system is a powerful yet simple-to-use program that includes features like employee timesheets, daily projectized, operational chores and weekly reports linked to projects and enterprises. It is easy to organize the project schedules with Microsoft 365 timesheet management system from the start of the day to the end. It contains a detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished throughout the project. You can log details of each task and track them all from a single place in a timesheet system. This application allows you to track tasks and time without having to worry about data security issues because it works with your Office 365 data.

Export all your timesheet data with a single click and send them to your clients, project managers, stakeholders, to get a glance at the completed tasks for subsequent billing or employee time tracking. Export and use timesheet data to: 

1. Track employee work duration and use the data for payroll.

2. Track your team’s working time, set billable rates for clients and prepare invoices. 

3. Track time budgeted for tasks and calculate resource requirements.

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Technologies We Use

SharePoint Online

Microsoft Teams

Power Automate

Power Apps

SharePoint Online

Our Microsoft 365 Timesheet Management System is fully integrated with SharePoint that can be easily scaled from small businesses to large enterprises. The Microsoft 365 timesheets are stored in secure SharePoint instances. This makes your organizational data safe from data threats.  All your time tracking data is available in a centralized, and cloud location on the SharePoint Online platform.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 timesheet management system is completely integrated with Microsoft Teams. Within your Microsoft Teams application, you can add projects and tasks and share them with the team, track time and monitor the team’s progress. Project managers can link the project to the respective channels to have greater visibility and management of projects and tasks.

Power Apps

Our unique timesheet management system developed on Power Apps that integrate with existing Microsoft 365 data sources including SharePoint Online, and Dynamics 365. Get employee work hours, on-going project details, number of resource involved and information you need on one screen. This makes your administrative activities more productive and efficient.

Power Automate

Automate your timesheet management process to avoid errors and reduce manual work. Automated approval process on Microsoft 365 timesheet management system can be achieved with Power Automate implementation which would be beneficial for efficient timesheet tracking and work time management.

Why Microsoft 365 Timesheet Management System?

Analyzing your team’s timesheets is an excellent way to go further into the data and spot areas for growth. The Microsoft 365 Timesheet Management System allows you to classify time entries with predefined categories. Companies can discover trends that are likely to repeat themselves by looking at data from past years or months. 

Employees can use the Microsoft 365 Timesheet management app to track their daily hours spent, which can then be submitted as a weekly/monthly report for review by their management. Employees can make their entries using the Microsoft Teams application. As a result, the employee timesheet system makes it simple for employees to enter and update their inputs.  

Power Apps helps you to use our Microsoft 365 timesheet management software on both Android and iOS devices. So, regardless of which operating system the employees use, they can update timesheet with ease. 

For managers, tracking individual employee contributions on a regular basis can become tedious and time-consuming. On the go, managers may use the SharePoint Timesheet management app to examine and approve employee timesheets that are available in digital formats. Employees can ensure that managers in the firm are not bothered with having to check individual employees’ contributions using the employee timesheet app. 

This Microsoft 365 time tracking application assists firms in separating billable and non-billable staff work. As a result, the employee timesheet app is particularly useful for payroll management and performance evaluation. 

The employee timesheet software allows for detailed, reliable reporting for each job and project. Managers will have a better understanding of staff performance as a result of this. Managers can accept or reject timesheets depending on employee inputs, and employees will be alerted immediately. This enables the employee in question to make the necessary changes and resubmit the timesheet. 

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Features of Our Microsoft 365 Timesheet Management System 

  • Customizable timesheet period  
  • Customizable form fields  
  • Customizable approval process 
  • Team management  
  • Automatic e-mail notifications of approvals and rejections 
  • Customizable email templates 
  • Can be integrated with many systems via Microsoft Power Automate 
  • Ability to export selected requests to Excel 
  • Track tasks against projects 
  • Track actual project hours 
  • Auto-calculating the total hours 
  • Automated reminder emails at deadline 
  • Allows hierarchical approval process 
  • Allows to define CC email recipient for any kind of notification email 
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