Visitor management systems for the modern workspace

Microsoft 365 Visitor Management System

Improve your visitor management with Microsoft 365! With an easy-to-use check-in and Microsoft 365 visitor management system, you can meet your visitors’ expectations and impress visitors. Visitors can be added directly from Outlook and sent maps, directions, and other required information during the visitor check-in process. All check-ins are securely stored and archived in a Management Portal that complies with GDPR. Security alerts, visitor sign printing, and follow-up can all be automated, giving you more time to focus on your guests.

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Why Choose Veelead For Your Microsoft 365 Visitor Management System?

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Technologies We Use

SharePoint Online

Microsoft Teams

Power Automate

Power Apps

SharePoint Online

Our Microsoft 365 visitor Management System is fully integrated with SharePoint that can be easily scaled from small businesses to large enterprises. Its user-friendly visitor self-service dashboard provides a simple interface for check-ins and appointments.

Microsoft Teams

By integrating MS Teams with the visitor management system your team can receive real-time reception notifications within the Teams mobile and desktop applications. You will never have to miss a host notification or keep an important guest waiting.

Power Apps

Our unique visitor management system includes Power Apps that integrate with existing Microsoft 365 data sources including SharePoint Online, and Dynamics 365. Visitors can check in utilizing a platform on a tablet device and your branded registration experience when they arrive. The registration form will automatically record the arrival date and time, as well as basic information such as required.

Power Automate

The Visitors’ data is stored in Dataverse enabling it to be easily connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Automate for automated workflows. So, after sign-in an automated workflow could be triggered that will send an email or SMS message to an employee. This has a number of benefits, including saving time, boosting the security of the premises, and ensuring compliance with company standards.

Why Microsoft 365 Visitor Management System?

Taking care of your visitors and making a good first impression begin long before they enter your entryway. You can now manage the visitor experience from beginning to end, for example, at the moment where their visit is scheduled in Outlook. Technology, security, communication, and analytics are all combined in a simple guest control system. Without significantly altering your workflow or introducing additional processes and problems to your usual work duties. The idea is to have a simple guest management system that is adaptable, configurable and connects with your existing applications.

Improve digital efficiency by eliminating manual processes. The idea behind digital efficiency is to eliminate manual operations and workflow components that require several touches. Among the top 9 visitor management challenges, most facility managers are unaware of the benefits of visitor management systems: every meeting update in Microsoft Outlook may instantly update visitor management systems.

Empower your front-desk workers to provide more personalized service. The remote receptionists provided by the visitor management system significantly improve personnel and team safety in the visitor management process while preserving a service-first mentality. Reception no longer needs a large number of employees to handle deliveries and visitors, allowing it to focus on more difficult responsibilities.

Boost workplace security. According to Microsoft’s return to work survey, workplace safety may be the most important factor. The responsibility of care now placed on facilities teams is tremendous, with staff included in the sign-off process for return to work. Teams will stay at home if that caring is not obvious. Automating your guest check-in process with touchless procedures is an important component of workplace safety because it shows that you care about your employees’ safety.

You will have real-time access to the building’s security with a guest control system. From upgrading the pass to additionally allowing visitor access control through any worldwide or national barrier system, options tailor or accommodate any firm security policy. The Facilities Manager now has a better understanding of who has checked in and can better manage guest entrance. Visitor Authentication with Visitor Management System is used to keep track of visitors on the blacklist, take images of them, and verify their identity. 

Wow, your guests! Visitor management systems send out a branded invitation that instructs your visitor where to go, features your logo and branding for a professional appearance, and includes a QR code to scan upon arrival. With a single click, visitors can add the information to their calendar, and the host’s contact information is available.

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Benefits of Our Microsoft 365 Visitor Management System 

  • Improved security
  • Enhanced Covid Safety protocols
  • Optional self-check-in capabilities
  • Information gathered at the point of booking


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