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Power Platform Consulting

As an authorized Microsoft Power Platform partners, our Power Platform consulting services covers Power BI, Power Automation and Power Apps. Our consultation services will make it effortless for your team to use the power of data and automation to improve the overall efficiency of your organization.

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Power Platform Implementation

With our implementing and development services, the Power platform consultants at Veelead will ensure that every business decision you make is complemented by supporting data. We will also understand the intricacies of your business to deploy solutions that will dramatically reduce the time your team spends on routine tasks.

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Power Platform Optimization

Our Power Platform service involves the reengineering of the applications to deliver a brand-specific experience. This includes delivering on business-specific KPIs and extracting data that is exclusive to your business. Our optimization services will make it easy for you to back every business decision with the right data and automation processes.

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Power Platform Support

Power Platform support service at Veelead includes continuous and robust support that will allow you to seamlessly sustain your vision for your business while we take care of any roadblocks for seamless data-analysis, business-analysis and automation strategies.

why Veelead Solution?

Veelead Solution has the 10+ years of experienced team for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 services and it is a well-authorized Power Platform partner for implementation and support solution. Our team of Microsoft experts have worked with several organizations across multiple verticals and enabled them to become more productive at very less cost. Our Power Platform consultants are always looking to use the latest tools and techniques to drive progressive solutions to tackle complex project requirements. 


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Our MICROSOFT Power Platform Services

The robust power platform comprises Power Business Intelligence, Power Automate and Power Apps. These platforms, when working in tandem with each other, can take your automation efforts to newer heights. This would allow you to use improved data analytics and automation tools to drastically reduce the amount of time your team spends on mundane tasks. Having worked with several organizations under multiple verticals, our Power Platform consultants understand the USPs of every business and develop solutions that will complement your efforts to develop a competitive advantage. This will result in lighter data analytics and automation modules that helps perfect data modelling, analysis and usage.

Microsoft Power Apps

Building a business app will be costly and very slow in the making. Microsoft Power Apps is one of the tools with the Microsoft Power Platform that allows you to build custom applications to meet your business needs or solve your problems when you cannot find a suitable off-the-shelf solution. Microsoft Power Apps includes several features and capabilities that help you create them like a professional and more importantly with minimal efforts and cost. Power Apps have no issues with compatibility, and it’s been designed to work smoothly with other aggregation sources. The integration of Power Apps is part of our Power Platform consulting service which brings many benefits for speeding up your organization work.

PowerApps Services
Microsoft Power Automate Services

Microsoft Power Automate 

Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based application in Office 365 that helps you to create automated workflows between multiple applications and digital services to increase user efficiency and business productivity. Businesses can automate repetitive mundane tasks by setting up ‘flows’ that are triggered by specific events which allows your company employees to spend more time on bigger tasks. Power Automate helps you integrate all your business applications, across various platforms, into single integrated system using Automated Workflows. Our Power Platform consulting service starts with the process of conducting a comprehensive review of your current business processes and plan a solid automation solution with Power Automate.

Microsoft Power BI

As data-driven enterprises grow, it becomes very difficult to manage data being generated regularly. Microsoft has come to the forefront with the introduction of its compelling analytics tool, Power BI which is a cloud-based tool that requires no capital expenditure or infrastructure support regardless of the size of your business. Power BI helps you to bring all your business data together from all your data sources and so you can start analyzing and make informed decision. Transform your hidden business data into rich visuals and interactive dashboards with our Power Platform consulting solution.

Microsoft Power BI Services

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Microsoft Power Platform Key Features

Enable Extensivity

PowerApps gives your team the seamless ability to develop applications that can automate their mundane tasks. It allows them to develop both basic- and high-level applications depending on their ability to code. This helps you react more quickly to changing markets without being entirely dependent on developing a software solution.

Fast-charge Development

Microsoft PowerApps comes pre-built templates that cover a wide range of applications used by several organisations around the world. The platform is intuitive and your team can rely on a  dynamic, AI-powered builder to help them get the necessary connectivity and integrations from the applications.

Improve Decision-making

With Power BI, your team can work together and collaborate easily on the same data, reports and share insights as well. This can be done across all Microsoft applications like Teams, Excel and more. While this can drastically improve how well your team coordinates on important tasks, it ensures that the decisions they take are always data-driven.

Extensive Data Connectors

Microsoft Power BI comes with one of the largest libraries of connectors that is constantly growing to include more integrators for seamless transfer of data across all the applications your team uses. You can also connect to several on-premise applications and cloud data sources like Dynamics 365, Azure SQL database and Salesforce.

Automate Securely

Power Automate is a powerful tool to have in your automation arsenal. The applications can be built with no-code or low-code experience to allow everyone in your team to build applications of any complexity. It also secures the built applications through high-end robotic process automation to host and deploy your automation strategies.

Deploy Intelligent Workflow

Power Automation can reduce the man-hours spent on routine and mundane tasks by deploying AI-powered applications that are easy to develop. In addition to this, the builder comes with thousands of templates that are widely used by several organizations which allows you to quickly embed prebuilt components directly into your workflows.


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