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Microsoft 365 Help desk Ticketing System

Microsoft 365 help desk system helps your business be organized, effective, and stay on top of innumerable internal requests. Establish seamless communication between your employees and help desk agents. Help your employees to create support tickets and track the status of all their tickets in one place. Convert support issues into tickets, assign each ticket to a team member and keep track of the tickets until it is resolved. This will be crucial for your future existence, especially given that the entire world is working from remote locations and processing jobs from numerous locations. Our Microsoft 365 help desk system has additional reporting features that gives administrators complete insights of help desk team performance and enhance their decision-making process.

Business Applications

IT Help Desk

Eliminate technical difficulties during work hours with Microsoft 365 Ticketing application. It provides greater visibility and control over  your company's IT-related issues. Reduce business interruption by tracking and managing all tickets and tasks.

HR Help Desk

Our Help Desk ticketing system can be a great helper in hiring, on-boarding, and rating employees. It serves as a convenient tool for organizing and managing the employee queries. Let your employees resolve their HR issues within seconds.

Admin Help Desk

Make your employees stay more focused on day-to-day operations by resolving multi-tiered technical problems. Let the employees create tickets on centralized system to handle things like office supplies, purchasing, and facilities management.

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Why Choose Veelead For Your Microsoft 365 Help Desk Ticketing System ?

  • Trusted Microsoft partner since 2012
  • Multiple Microsoft Gold competencies
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Competitive pricing and no hidden costs
  • Zero data loss & downtime during implementation
  • Provides Industry specific compliance solutions
  • On-time delivery and support multiple time zones
  • Data-driven planning and multiple engagement models
  • Strict adherence to standards and regulations
  • End-to-end well-defined processes
  • An expert team and top-class professional services
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Technologies We Use

Power Apps

Power Automate

SharePoint Online

Microsoft Teams

Power Apps

Power Apps provides a user-friendly experience to connect your employees with support professionals. Our unique Microsoft 365 Help Desk Ticketing System developed on Power Apps that integrate with all your existing Microsoft 365 data sources including SharePoint Online, and Dynamics 365. Power Apps helps us to create one common intuitive help desk that efficiently handle issues or requests your employees may have within your organization.

Power Automate

Create intelligent rule-based workflows for automating repetitive manual tasks. Organize the submitted tickets into categories automatically and assign the tickets to relevant staff for speedy resolution based on predefined rules. Automated approval process on Microsoft 365 Help Desk Ticketing system can be achieved with Power Automate implementation which would be beneficial to cut response time, better organize incoming requests, and answer common questions automatically.

SharePoint Online

Our Microsoft 365 Help Desk Ticketing System is fully integrated with SharePoint. SharePoint is the most popular suggestion for help desk management and internal ticketing systems as it put a greater focus on data security. All ticket-related data is held securely in SharePoint instances that are only available to authorized persons. All your data is available in a centralized, and cloud location on the SharePoint Online platform. This makes your data accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 Help Desk Ticketing System is also integrated with your Microsoft Teams. Employees can get help without leaving the app they already use to collaborate, chat, and make video calls. From the initial report to the resolution of the issue, this makes the entire ticketing operation much more efficient. Employees who need help can create tickets where they are already working, and help desk agents have a simple queue that can be organized, ranked, resolved, and reported on.

Business Benefits of Microsoft 365 Help Desk Ticketing System

Updates on the Status It’s difficult to keep track of a ticket request’s status and development. Microsoft 365 ticketing solution allows the creation, administration, and response of automated alerts for tickets. Users can create pre-programmed responses to common queries.   

Department-to-Department Synchronization – Our sophisticated ticketing solution aids in the smooth synchronization of functionality across departments such as HR, IT support administration, and more. Turnaround time and expenses are reduced by the single interface with integrated workflow.   

Reporting – The ability to gain important insights on business operations and industry trends is critical to any company’s success. Reporting features are provided by Microsoft Forms. However, they are unable to produce real-time reporting with all of the necessary data. Our team combines the Microsoft 365 Help Desk Ticketing System with Power BI, a high-quality analytics tool. It is a low-cost approach for establishing a data-driven culture in any company. 

For Unique Business Needs – You may wish to create a unique support process or just want to develop something based on your business requirement. That is another reason why our internal help desk ticketing system is developed on Power Apps, SharePoint and Power Automate. It is entirely customizable. The ticketing system can be automated using Power Automate.

Easy-to-use – Though there is an automation ,rest of work has to do by an agent who is not a robot. An agent requires a centralized location to keep track of the most valuable tickets and some place for discussion with a employees. As a result, an agent’s communication is as simple as sending an email message, but with even more context regarding an issue and a client. An agent can focus on resolving an employee’s request rather than dealing with the system difficulties.

Get Microsoft 365 Help Desk Ticketing System Customized Exclusive for Your Needs

Features of Our Microsoft 365 Timesheet Management System 

  • Organize your tickets into groups 
  • Ability to mark top priority requests and statuses 
  • Knowledge base to reduce repetitive requests 
  • Cross-device accessibility 
  • Easy integration with other enterprise systems 
  • Microsoft account Single Sign-On(SSO) 
  • Reduce agent response time 
  • Unlimited ticket volume 
  • Use built-in reports on Power BI 
  • Customized administrative interface 
  • Ticket history is automatically tracked
  • Email notifications tailored to your preferences    
  • Dashboards with visual indicators that are dynamic  
  • Tracking and alerts for stalled tickets  
  • Ticket status graphs in general  
  • Attachments to ticket files (inline)  
  • Views that have been filtered based on the status of the ticket  
  • Fields are appropriately organized in a tabbed interface 
  • User access levels are controlled by security group settings  
  • Cloud-based help desk system
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