Veelead leverages Microsoft SharePoint capabilities by supporting companies to increase their business strength. This platform is a multi-level collaboration enabler and we can create intensive workflows.

SharePoint focus on organizational growth which incorporates the company’s intranet implementation, partner or vendor portal, tailor a document management solution or get a knowledge management system.


SharePoint projects are since 2007

Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content Capabilities

SharePoint experts are 10+ years experienced

The sectors, where Microsoft SharePoint projects are successful are as follows Healthcare, Banking and Finances, Retail, Manufacturing and more


To manage your employees activities and business process improvement, the team provides you services which will help you to create optimal SharePoint solutions.


SharePoint consultants will help you in guiding at any point of level during SharePoint solution planning, such as implementation or turning to look more effective and accepted by the employees. Apart from that, Veelead team will guide you in mastering the platform to fulfill your business purpose best.

Below are the few points addressed: SharePoint related challenges, both technical and strategical:

  1. When an organizational is considered, we have different types of task and business activities that include internal as well external, workflow and document management, knowledge, and innovation management within the same area, thus we develop a multifunctional SharePoint environment, which reduces the investment cost and provides a stand-alone solution.
  2. Secured handling and time management plays a major role in any organizations, Microsoft SharePoint creates a collaboration driven professional environment that triggers dynamic and secured business tasks and helps the employees to complete their tasks beforehand with very less effort.
  3. Breaking down the business process step by step workflows, which helps in simplify complicated business process and helps the employees adhere to the compliance with high-quality standards.
  4. SharePoint helps in providing user-friendly solutions and increase user adoption.
  5. Knowledge and innovation management are added advantage in SharePoint.


Veelead team helps you in developing a new SharePoint solution, modify it according to business requirements, or make changes to current features. SharePoint team will help you in the below ways:

  1. Based on business requirement, infrastructure needs, and organizational goals, the SharePoint team helps in creating a new solution or modify the current features.
  2. SharePoint experts are highly talented, where they could handle from low technical issues to highly complicated redesign based on company requirements.
  3. Addressing integration with enterprise systems, which enables non-stop business process, document workflows and employee’s interaction.
  4. Our team focus is mainly on quality and the solution should be for the long run. The testing team is always indulged in making all imperfections to perfection and ensure security issues.


SharePoint migration helps in the transition of SharePoint versions or deployment models. This benefits the companies by keeping them updated on the latest SharePoint functions and simplify the infrastructure provided by the users and long-run solutions.


The transition of SharePoint solution to a newer version such as SharePoint 2013 and 2016, this keeps the organizations updated on the latest capabilities and extended set of advanced features and enhanced user experience.

A simple way for the organizations to ensure wider user access, simple scalability and simplified maintenance are by migrating to Office 365 and SharePoint online because they are cloud-based solutions.

To experience both on-premises and cloud environments, we recommend hybrid migration.

During SharePoint solutions migration, we consider below points:

  1. We help your employees in completing their daily activities quicker and easier through our advanced features.
  2. Modifying and enhancing the current solutions based on your employees work style, which in turn enables and increase business speed.
  3. Simplifying SharePoint architecture, which will reduce maintenance. In addition, cost-cutting is also taken care by shifting to the cloud.


As mentioned earlier, the SharePoint support team has experienced consultants who can handle technical issues from scratch to redesign the infrastructure according to business needs.

  1. 24/7 Support.
  2. Deep dive on an issue
  3. Fixing of an issue with care
  4. Packages are Flexible on maintenance/support


The overall monitoring of SharePoint solution is done by SharePoint Health Check through:

Examining page load-time

Identifying custom application exceptions

Reviewing custom application code

Testing the solution against compliance with the Microsoft recommended rules

Measuring the content quality

A Health Check Report is generated at the end of checkup, which includes a problem statement, solution for fixing, and the SharePoint team helps in implementing the solutions through their guidance.