22 Feb 2024

How to Create a Custom Connector in Power Automate?

This blog post will discuss creating a custom connector using Power Automate. Although Microsoft provides a wide range of connectors for different applications, there may be instances where we require a built-in connector for a specific application. We can create a custom connector for any application that doesn’t have... Read more

16 Feb 2024

How can Power Automate help industries in digital transformation?

In the present era of technology, businesses aim to improve productivity and streamline their operations for better efficiency. Microsoft Power Automate has emerged as a game-changing tool and is rapidly gaining popularity in the corporate world. It’s a cloud-based automation service that lets users automate everyday tasks without coding.... Read more

29 Jan 2024

Transforming the Insurance Sector with the Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform is transforming the insurance industry with its low-code and no-code tools that effortlessly streamline processes, elevate customer experiences, and drive innovation. This platform is gaining recognition for empowering users to automate workflows, analyze data, and create custom applications without extensive coding knowledge. The insurance industry can... Read more

03 Jan 2024

Power of automation for your finance function

Veelead employs automation technology in finance to perform tasks with little or no human intervention. This method allows for better utilization of knowledge workers, resulting in increased efficiency without the need to replace them. In essence, it involves automating repetitive manual tasks that are time-consuming. Our Finance Automation Service is... Read more

11 Dec 2023

Workflow Automation with Microsoft Power Automate

Veelead provides an outstanding solution for workflow automation using Microsoft Power Automate. This robust tool enables businesses to simplify processes and enhance efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. Organizations can optimize workflows, save time, and allocate resources more effectively using Veelead’s expertise in Power Automate. Why Choose Microsoft Power Automate... Read more

06 Dec 2023

Advanced Power Automate Flows in Microsoft Teams

If you’re seeking automation options for Microsoft Teams, Veelead can assist you in taking your business to new heights by exploring the advanced Power Automate Flows. This is an excellent starting point as it allows you to integrate with other applications and services, execute conditional logic, and create customized... Read more

06 Dec 2023

Migrate SharePoint workflows to Power Automate

Microsoft announced the end of life for SharePoint workflows, affecting SharePoint Online users using the SharePoint 2013 workflows in their existing process automation. However, SharePoint 2013 workflows will still be supported for on-premises platforms until 2026. Organizations should plan for a smooth transition to Power Automate and evaluate their... Read more

01 Dec 2023

How to send notifications to Microsoft Teams Using Power Automate?

By leveraging the power of Power Automate, Veelead enables businesses to create custom workflows that trigger notifications based on specific events or conditions. Whether sending real-time updates on critical tasks, notifying team members about new leads or opportunities, or keeping everyone informed about important announcements. Veelead’s solution ensures that... Read more

22 Nov 2023

Multilevel Approval Process with Power Automate

Veelead offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to simplify and automate the multiple approval workflow process. This solution facilitates utilizing Power Automate to easily define and implement multilevel approval processes. This powerful tool enables organizations to make critical decisions accurately and efficiently. Integrating with Power Automate further enhances the... Read more

07 Nov 2023

Power Virtual Agents with Power Automate Better Together

Veelead has successfully integrated the robust functionalities of both Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate, resulting in a highly effective solution. Power Virtual Agents is a platform for developing chatbots that can handle customer inquiries, provide support and automate tasks with intelligence. In contrast, Power Automate is a workflow... Read more