21 Sep 2023

Migrate SharePoint workflows to Power Automate

Microsoft announced the end of life for SharePoint 2013 workflows, affecting SharePoint Online users using the SharePoint 2013 workflows in their existing process automation. However, SharePoint 2013 workflows will still be supported for on-premises platforms until 2026. Organizations should plan for a smooth transition to Power Automate and evaluate... Read more

06 Sep 2023

Power Platform Use Cases in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry faces the challenge of manually analyzing and interpreting vast volumes of data, leading to complex and time-consuming procedures that can significantly risk human error and affect the entire production process. To tackle these issues, businesses can leverage the Microsoft Power Platform, a comprehensive suite of tools... Read more

31 Jul 2023

Web Scraping Using Power Automate Desktop

Data is the essence of business operations in the digital era of today. To obtain a competitive advantage, organizations must now extract relevant information from the web. Microsoft has simplified the web extraction process with Power Automate Desktop. Historically, web scraping required coding expertise. In this article, we will... Read more

27 Jul 2023

Automate Your Tasks in Teams using Microsoft Power Automate

Efficiency is essential in the technologically advanced and fast-paced world of today. Finding ways to automate repetitive operations can help you save time and resources, whether you are a small business owner, project manager, or team leader. With the help of Power Automate, you can optimize procedures and automate... Read more

11 Jul 2023

How to streamline your business processes using Microsoft Power Automate?

Productivity and efficiency are critical to success in today’s fast-paced corporate world. Manual and repetitive tasks can eat up time and money, stifling growth and innovation. Microsoft Power Automate, with its effective cloud-based automation capabilities, provides a solution for streamlining corporate operations, increasing productivity, and improving operational efficiency. In... Read more

30 Jun 2023

Enhance your business with AI Builder using Power Automate

In the modern digital landscape, businesses are continually searching for ways to automate processes, gain insightful predictions, and enhance overall efficiency. A significant contributor to these advancements is the power of artificial intelligence (AI). With Microsoft Power Automate Support, organizations can now leverage AI Builder, a feature that integrates... Read more

08 Jun 2023

Understanding PowerApps vs. Power Automate

As businesses become more digitized, leveraging the right tools to streamline and automate operations becomes paramount. Microsoft provides robust solutions to this end through its Power Platform suite, namely PowerApps and Power Automate. Although both are interconnected, these tools serve distinct functions and are ideally suited for specific tasks.... Read more