Empower your customer service with Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agent Services
17 Jan 2024

Power Virtual Agents is a power platform service that allows businesses to create chatbots for conversational customer support. This results in a seamless and personalized customer support experience, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The user-friendly platform simplifies chatbot development for businesses without coding knowledge. The service provides a range of pre-built templates and customizable options that allow companies to create chatbots that align with their unique brand and support requirements.

The benefit of using Microsoft Power Virtual Agent

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent simplifies chatbot development for businesses, enabling them to improve customer service without extensive coding.

Power Virtual Agents Services

Process of Power Virtual Agents to Automate Support

Using Power Virtual Agents to automate your support involves several steps. Here’s an overview of the typical process:

Define Support Goals: Define support goals achievable through automation. Identify automated support tasks or scenarios using chatbots.

Plan Conversation Flows: Map conversation flows, identify tasks, and consider inputs for your chatbot.

Create a Power Virtual Agents Instance:

  • Access the Power Virtual Agents portal.
  • Sign in.
  • Create a new instance for your chatbot.

Design Conversations: Use Power Virtual Agent to design conversations with drag-and-drop tools for greeting, prompts, and responses.

Configure Bot Behaviors: Customize your chatbot with actions, conditions, and variables. Use connectors to integrate external systems and services to fetch data, trigger actions, or perform calculations based on user inputs.

Train the Bot with Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Train your chatbot’s language model using Microsoft’s LUIS service to define user intent entities and provide sample phrases to understand user inputs accurately.

Integrate with Knowledge Base: Integrate your knowledge base with Power Virtual Agent. This helps the bot provide accurate responses to common questions.

Test and Refine: Test your chatbot using Power Virtual Agent built-in testing capabilities to optimize its performance.

Deploy the Chatbot: Deploy your chatbot across different platforms to reach your target audience, including websites, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Messenger.

Monitor and Improve: Monitor your chatbot’s performance and user interactions using Power Virtual Agents’ analytics and insights. Analyze user feedback to make data-driven adjustments and improve the chatbot’s effectiveness.

Evolve and Enhance: Get feedback from users and agents to automate more tasks. Enhance chatbot design and responses for a better user experience.


Veelead’s Power Virtual Agents service provides a powerful solution that allows businesses to automate their support processes, reduce response times, and provide a better customer service experience. Companies can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty with our user-friendly interface, advanced features, and comprehensive analytics that enable prompt and personalized support.

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