11 Oct 2023

How to automate customer feedback efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and Power Automate

The Customer Voice application is a highly effective solution for businesses seeking to gather feedback from both their customers and employees. This enterprise app streamlines the process by offering a variety of templates and workflows that can be easily integrated with Dynamics 365. Moreover, with the added convenience of... Read more

11 Jul 2023

How to streamline your business processes using Microsoft Power Automate?

Productivity and efficiency are critical to success in today’s fast-paced corporate world. Manual and repetitive tasks can eat up time and money, stifling growth and innovation. Microsoft Power Automate, with its effective cloud-based automation capabilities, provides a solution for streamlining corporate operations, increasing productivity, and improving operational efficiency. In... Read more

30 Jun 2023

Enhance your business with AI Builder using Power Automate

In the modern digital landscape, businesses are continually searching for ways to automate processes, gain insightful predictions, and enhance overall efficiency. A significant contributor to these advancements is the power of artificial intelligence (AI). With Microsoft Power Automate Support, organizations can now leverage AI Builder, a feature that integrates... Read more