SharePoint Human Resource Management System For A US-Based Construction Company

06 Jan 2021


Our customer with more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry, is widely known for building quality homes at affordable prices in exceptional neighborhoods. Business is committed to building homes crafted with quality and constructed with integrity, retaining value for life.

The Goal

The requirement was to create a comprehensive and easy-to-use Human Resource Management System for the company. Another important feature expected out of the system was the integration of document management with it.


With our depth of knowledge on SharePoint Server 2013, we were able to easily create an HRM solution that is apt and user friendly. The solution accommodates any scale of usage, allowing the company to truly expand without anything holding them back. The software that we deployed allows for easy exchange of employee information like vacation, absences, taste and assets. The system makes it easy for employees to time in, time out and raise leave requests. 

For an HR to manage more than 50 employees, our solution is a boon since it automates request processing based on available time and leave days. For HR, the dashboard contains widgets to indicate pending requests and special occasions of the employees. In addition to this, HR is also able to customize the widgets by adding or removing them as per their requirements. The HRM is integrated with other SharePoint applications to truly give a native touch to its handling. 

The basic features of the Human Resource Management System include the display of the overview of the company, an employee list and the departments within the organization. HRs are also able to sort employees based on their competencies and experience to help them with appraisals and export the lists to Microsoft Excel. The created list can also include exhaustive details about the employees like their location, education, status and competency.


The HRM we designed has made it increasingly easy for both employees and HRs to raise and process requests respectively. With such a system in place, the company’s HRs are free from daunting manual tasks that can take up an unnecessary amount of time from their valuable resources. 

Technologies Used

Microsoft SharePoint 2013, .NET C#, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio, SharePoint server object model.