SharePoint Modern Intranet Portal for Insurance Company

SharePoint Intranet Portal for insurance company
04 Nov 2022


Our client is a large Insurance company that offers a wide range of health insurance plans to individuals and organizations. It has huge staff personnel at over 300+ branches all over USA, which require a multi-faceted approach. The organization was quickly growing and fortunate, but there exists a challenging process of managing and handling the rapidly increasing number of employees. 


It got more challenging to maintain efficient communication within the business as the number of branches increased. Internal business procedures also needed to be optimized since the various office branches and departments did not communicate well with one another. The customer wants to improve internal communication among employees and streamline the process of maintaining employee records. Except for authorized individuals, specific information on the employees needed to be kept private. They needed an internal communication portal for the insurance company that would aid the HR department in managing, tracking, and reporting employee attendance. 


The customer intended the application to boost productivity and collaboration while serving as a single source of information for managing employee records. To make the application a flexible platform for internal collaboration and smooth communication, they desired the functionalities listed below to be available: 

  • Create employee attendance management 
  • Notify state-wise public holidays 
  • Display absence calendar for employees
  • Create an idea express module 
  • Distribute customized leave policy based on employee location 
  • Create an internal job posting 
  • Corporate branding and communication 
  • Enhanced internal messaging 


The SharePoint Intranet site was developed by Veelead Solutions to simplify business operations. The system includes collecting attendance data, managing state-by-state holidays and mapping them to employee attendance calendars, importing leave data from SAP, and generating employee Loss of Pay (LOP) reports. 

SharePoint portal facilitated the management of the company’s HR processing which includes employee data storage, document management, policy distribution, corporate announcements, news updates, etc. The SharePoint intranet portal for insurance company enables users to perform a variety of tasks, such as document management repository, document & content search, learning, and social integrations, to improve and optimize an organization’s workforce performance. The user-friendly interface helps the organization keep complete track of various HR and other employee management functions.   

Attendance Management:  

Employees need to log in and log out to register their attendance for the day. These times will be recorded and used as the in-time and out-time for that particular day. 

Employee Leave Calendar and Holiday Notification:  

The employee can able to see his attendance information on the calendar view. An employee can post his attendance the previous absent days and this will be notified to the manager immediately for an approval. After an employee submits a request through the system, an automated task is created for the manager and an email with information about the employee’s request is sent to the management.  

Idea Express Feature:  

Power automate and SharePoint OOB lists are used in the system’s development to express user ideas: 

  • Users can view all ideas, share ideas, and view ideas that the CEO has approved. 
  • The idea follows a three-level workflow (COP, CFO, and CEO). 
  • For each workflow level, the system offers email notification features. 

Internal Job Posting:  

The human resource team can create job opportunities for relevant vacancies in accordance with department, location and branch. So that, the employees may submit a job application. 


An efficient, user-friendly, high-performance HR management solution is the end result. To access all the HR-related data in a centralized location, Veelead Solutions successfully developed this SharePoint intranet portal for insurance company well inside the allotted time range. HR team can now set up policies and distribute them effortlessly by analyzing the work and scheduling it appropriately. 

Technologies Used:  SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365, Power Automate, SharePoint OOTB web parts and SPFX framework.   

Project Duration: 10 Weeks       

Project Team: 4 Resources